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The brainchild of Brandan Jenkins and myself, Kickcam was an experiment that married peoples love of style with technology. Users simply stepped in front of the camera and a photo of their sneakers, pumps or whatever they’re wearing is instantly uploaded to a tumblr page for the world to see. Simple in its design the camera had a ping sensor to tell if an object was within 2 feet of it. If so it would trigger a camera to snap the photo and upload it.

For my fellow nerds and hackers we used an arduino to listen to the ping sensor. When someone stepped in front it signaled to a processing sketch to capture the photo, save it and upload it to our tumblr page.

Kickcam was set up for a few weeks at BBDO and became a hit. As people entered work each day they would step in front of the camera to capture that days fashion, almost like checking in. While for internal purposes we did have some folks reach out to us interested in Kickcam from a shoe store to the National Librarians Association who let us know that librarians love shoes. Who knew.



Kickcam Production




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