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Weather Control was an installation project programmed in Processing and used Synapse for skeleton tracking and Box2D for physics.

This was one of many Kinect experiments I’ve been up to lately. Pretty excited about the possibilities of using this tool for clients and creating some cool interactive experience at retail.

Choose between Rain, Snow or Sun. The Rain scene has well, rain drops that fall in whichever direction the mouse is pointing. Users control an umbrella that deflects the rain drops. Lifting your hands up causes it to “Make It Rain” as dollar bills fall. The Snow scene has snow flakes that float down unless the user moves closer to the Kinect and then all the snow particles attract to the users hand. The Sun scene lets users bounce falling beach balls. Pressing the “c” key causes the beach balls to turn into crabs. Seemed funny at the time. There are a few other secret modes such as “Kitten Mode” and “Snow Monster”. Good times all around.

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