Mtn Dew
Executive Creative Director

Zion Shoots, You Score

When Mountain Dew and Zion Williamson come together, big things happen. To help launch their exclusive new mobile game, “Zion Shoots, You Score”, we tapped the man himself. Well…sort of. Across digital advertising, social, influencer and live activations, fans had the chance to challenge Zion, winning incredible prizes like the opportunity to play live with Zion and even a trip to the NBA finals. Completely shot and animated in-house we brought Zion’s character to life as he leapt out of the game to invite Dew drinkers to play.

Flavor Slam

The best flavors to pair with Dew is a hot debate. For the NBA season we brought the debate to the stage. In a game day style segment entitled “Flavor Slam” our hosts forget the game and go head-to-head over the best foods to eat with Mtn Dew.